Jerry Hilliard, Democrat

Age: 70

Current residence: Mount Pleasant

Education: University of Michigan-Flint, master’s degree in business administration; Central Michigan University, master’s degree in sports administration; Central, bachelor’s degree in education

Work experience: 1978-1997, sales and management at Nabisco Inc.; 1997-2000, district manager at Archway Cookies; 2002-2005, high school business teacher, Carman-Ainsworth High School in Flint; 2005-2008, high school marketing teacher, Fairfax County, Vir.; 2009-present, economics adjunct faculty at Mid-Michigan Community College; 2015-present, economics adjunct faculty at Lansing Community College

Political experience: Past chair, Isabella County Democratic Party; candidate for Union Township Clerk, 2012; candidate for 4th Congressional District, 2018

Why running: “I am running to be a public servant and make our future better for everyone.”



Anthony Feig, Democrat

Age: 51

Current residence: Mount Pleasant

Education: Doctorate in science education, University of Texas at El Paso; master’s degree in geoscience, University of Nevada Las Vegas; bachelor’s degree in arts, earth and planetary sciences, University of New Mexico, 1995; bachelor’s degree in psychology, University of New Mexico.

Work experience: 2014-present, associate professor, Central Michigan University; 2008-14, assistant professor, Central; 2006-08, endowed assistant professor of geosciences, University of Louisiana at Monroe; 2000-06, department of geological sciences coordinator, University of Texas at El Paso; 1999-2000, residential faculty and director of service learning, Mesa Community College

Why running: “My sons challenged me to stop worrying and talking about the state of our country and do something about it, so I decided to fight for what my children — all children — deserve: good health, a clean environment and promise for the future.”

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