Lebowsky honored with Innovation Award

The Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts Board of Trustees are pictured during an award announcement by the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce in Owosso.

OWOSSO — The Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts Wednesday was announced as the 2020 Innovation Award recipient by the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Kathy Brooks, a Lebowsky representative, said the award is a reflection of what the organization tries to do.

“We are extremely honored,” Brooks said. “Innovation is what drives the creative arts. We strive for that — to be creative and collaborative and community-driven.”

The Chamber’s Innovation Award is given to an organization that “introduces new methods, ideas and products to improve our lives and challenge the status quo,” according to a press release. “The award acknowledges an organization of any size that identifies opportunities and executes creative thinking and calculated risk taking to bring innovation to the marketplace.”

The Lebowsky Center, located in downtown Owosso, performs four musicals, two plays, a children’s workshop and/or a junior show each season. Forty percent of the theater’s annual audience of 14,000 comes from outside Shiawassee County, according to the Chamber’s press release.

In addition to the many shows and plays the Lebowsky Center hosts, it also conducts many other events. The American Association of Community Theatres, also has hosted events there for several years.

“The Lebowsky Center has been innovative in a number of areas over the last few years,” the Chamber’s press release states. “In providing high quality, engaging live shows, the theater has attracted artistic talent from the greater Mid-Michigan area. In addition, these shows have generated a broader audience base of all ages from around the region. The Lebowsky was selected for the award based on the theater’s ability to try new things, form unique collaborations within the community, and quickly rise to one of the most respected community theaters in the Midwest.”

The 2020 Innovation Award will be formally presented at the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner at D’Mar Banquet and Conference Center Feb. 6.

Tickets are available for purchase from the Chamber by calling (989) 723-5149.

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