Rhythmic Writing

Nellie Reed Elementary student Carlie Buehler, left, and kindergarten teacher Tracy Foster are pictured Tuesday. Buehler’s poem, “Dancing,” will appear in the Michigan Reading Association’s annual Kaleidoscope publication, which features the work of young Michigan writers.

VERNON — Carlie Buehler enjoys telling stories through writing, and in a matter of weeks, the 5-year-old Nellie Reed Elementary student will be a published author.

Buehler’s poem, “Dancing,” is set to appear in the Michigan Reading Association’s (MRA) annual Kaleidoscope publication, which features stories, poetry and artwork from K-12 students in Michigan. Each year, teachers throughout the state submit the work of their students to the MRA for consideration, with a select amount gaining entrance into the publication.

Buehler will be recognized by the MRA during its Student Authors’ Luncheon March 15 in Detroit, where she will have the opportunity to share her work with fellow student authors throughout the state.

“It’s going to get published into a book,” Buehler said Tuesday. “It feels good because then I can share my poem with the whole world.”

Buehler’s work was submitted to the MRA for review by her kindergarten teacher Tracy Foster — co-author of the “Benson’s Adventures” series — who noted Buehler’s writing prowess for her age.

“Carlie is a charismatic 5-year-old in our kindergarten classroom, as are all of our students,” Foster said. “You will often find her dancing around our classroom, encouraging others, and passionately writing stories and poems. I thought this would be a great contest to challenge her and to inspire her to continue to love writing and to dream bigger for herself.”

After sitting down and brainstorming with Foster, Buehler decided to craft her poem about one of her favorite activities, dancing.

“I like to dance at my dance class,” Buehler said. “I enjoy learning new dance moves.”

The poem, set to be published in the MRA’s Kaleidoscope publication, reads:

I love to dance!

Dancing on a stage makes me very happy.

It makes me feel free.

I dance in my house and room.

I love to dance!

Buehler learned of her acceptance into the MRA publication last week, which made for a special moment for her and her classmates, she said.

“I told the class that I was getting my writing published into a book and when I was done they clapped for me,” Buehler said. “It felt good.”

For Foster, Buehler’s achievement is emblematic of what she desires for all of her students — the passion to follow their dreams.

“I think it’s such an amazing opportunity for a very special little girl and I want her to know that anything is possible,” Foster said. “As Walt Disney always says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ I want all of my students to know that anything truly is possible if they have passion and excitement and imagination. They can follow their dreams and be anything that they want to be.”

Looking ahead, Buehler said she plans to continue writing, though her ambition spans well beyond merely being an author.

“I’m going to be an author when I grow up,” Buehler said, “an author, a teacher and a veterinarian.”

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