CORUNNA — A Bancroft woman who was released from prison in December 2018 for forgery, and uttering and publishing now has been charged with felony embezzlement ($1,000-$20,000) for allegedly stealing from Main Street Pizza in Corunna.

Ashley Barnes, 29, was charged with the embezzlement, which officials said happened in April, following an investigation by Corunna Police. A warrant for Barnes was issued May 29.

Barnes was arraigned Tuesday in 66th District Court by Judge Ward Clarkson; she pleaded not guilty.

Her next appearances in District Court are 10 a.m. June 19 for a probable cause conference and 1:15 p.m. June 25 for a preliminary examination.

In Michigan, embezzlement of $1,000-$20,000 is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine or three times the amount embezzled, whichever is greater.

Barnes, however, has convictions in 2016 for forgery, and uttering and publishing. According to Michigan Department of Corrections online records, Barnes served one year, two months in prison for the prior convictions. Those convictions could result in prosecutors seeking an enhanced sentence.

In the prior case, she was originally charged with five counts of forgery, five counts of uttering and publishing, and one count of larceny in a building. Online court records for Shiawassee County do not indicate the final disposition of the case, but appear to indicate Barnes initially pleaded guilty and received probation, but later violated the terms of that probation in 2017 and was sent to prison.

Additionally, Barnes has a misdemeanor retail fraud conviction from 2016, an OWI as a minor misdemeanor conviction in 2007, as well as numerous minor traffic-related misdemeanor convictions.

Court records also show Barnes has been taken to court at least six times in Shiawassee County for civil actions.

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Looks like she should do some hard time and lots of it.

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