PERRY — Mosher’s Trucking resumed operations shortly after 2 p.m. Friday, after an independent arbitrator appointed by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart found a way forward in the company’s ongoing legal dispute with the city.

When the decision was announced Friday, Mosher’s attorney William Amadeo summed up his thoughts in a statement to The Argus-Press.

“I’m thankful that a great judge that Shiawassee County is blessed to have was forward thinking enough to put people first,” Amadeo said. “I have a lot of appreciation for this county, and am grateful that Judge Stewart was able to come to a reasonable conclusion by ordering arbitration.”

Full details of the agreement were not released. Numerous calls to Mayor James Huguelet seeking comment from the city were not returned.

“This was a team effort,” Amadeo said. “Now we have 30 families that are back to work. In my opinion, this was the fairest conclusion we could have possibly come to. This decision by the independent arbitrator was in the best interests of residents and working people of Shiawassee County and shows Judge Stewart is a reasonable man.”

The agreement between the city and Amadeo’s firm apparently ends a running legal battle over various issues. The city had claimed Mosher’s was in violation of zoning restrictions and had received noise complaints about Mosher crushing concrete removed from the ongoing resurfacing of I-69.

The company is under contract with the state to handle the concrete work.

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