OWOSSO — The Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce and Owosso Main Street/DDA are offering free safety posters, digital graphics and social distancing floor stickers to area businesses as part of a new marketing campaign — Shiawassee Safe.

The initiative, launched by the Chamber and Owosso Main Street with help from the Shiawassee County Health Department, seeks to send a unified message that Shiawassee County businesses are committed to keeping customers safe as they continue to reopen and address COVID-19 concerns.

“We really think that consumer confidence more than ever is tied directly to customer safety now amidst this particular pandemic,” Owosso Main Street/DDA Executive Director Josh Adams said. “Many small businesses are being asked to enforce many of the safety protocols put in place at the state level and even recommended at the national level. I think this puts businesses in a very unique and precarious position to the relationship with their customers, so our hope is that this marketing initiative can help.”

Businesses interested in participating in the campaign are asked to do one thing — commit to adhering to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s current checklist for reopening, Executive Order 2020-91. The checklist includes requirements such as providing face masks for all employees, maintaining a 6 feet distance between all people at the business using ground markings and increasing disinfection and cleaning of high-touch surfaces at the business.

Area businesses can join the campaign by signing up at signup.com/go/kzxeUaH.

Participating businesses will receive:

n Two 11-by-17-inch safety posters

n Seven letter-sized safety posters

n Two digital graphics for website and social media promotion

n One Shiawassee Safe logo window decal

n Three social distancing floor stickers

Adams said the overall goal of the Shiawassee Safe campaign is to create a unified mission and vision that clearly communicates the safety protocols needed for a business to function amid COVID-19.

“We really look as this as a marketing initiative to educate the consumer on what we’re doing as small businesses but also what they can do as a consumer to help keep people safe,” Adams said. “This is a unified effort to spread our messaging throughout the county, really to build that consumer loyalty and that consumer confidence in knowing that Shiawassee County businesses are doing the best they can do keep customers safe.”

For more information about the Shiawassee Safe campaign, visit shiawasseechamber.org.

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