OWOSSO — Memorial Healthcare this week announced the winners of its annual awards during its National Nurses Week and Hospital Week celebrations.

Receiving the 2019 Nurse of the Year award was Carissa Grey, a registered nurse on 2 North. Teanna Miller, a patient care technician in long-term care, was selected as 2019 Patient Care Tech of the Year.

The Nurse of the Year and Patient Care Tech of the Year were chosen by their Memorial Healthcare colleagues as leadesr of patient safety and as patient advocate or leader of change.

All employees are invited to place a nomination for an registerede or practice nurse, or patient care technician whom they believe is a role model.

Receiving the 2018 Employee of the Year Award was Judy Hendrick, supervisor of medical records. The Employee of the Year is selected by a vote of Memorial Healthcare employees from those individuals who were named as an Employee of the Month in the previous 12 months.

Employees are nominated for upholding the mission of Memorial Healthcare — to promote health and provide quality compassionate healthcare in the community through a commitment to service excellence, teamwork and innovation.

Mary Lou Mahoney, a dietary tech in food and nutrition, and Jorri Tremain, director of the call center/revenue cycle, received the 2019 President’s Award.

The President’s Award was presented to two Memorial Healthcare employees who have exhibited exceptional devotion to patients. Officials said the recipients exemplify Memorial’s values and exhibit outstanding personal qualities such as compassion, innovation, integrity, and competency. Individuals receiving the award exceed expectations to better Memorial’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Vicki Cortez, a nurse tech 2 in the Emergency Department, received the 2018 Bright Ideas of the Year Award (formerly known as the Good Safety Catch of the Year Award).

The hospital’s Bright Ideas program is designed to identify any potential serious safety concern related to patient, visitor, or staff encounters. It is also designed to identify any environmental situations in which no system is currently in place or the system in place is not adequately preventing the potential for patient, visitor, or staff harm. The annual award is chosen from those individuals who were recognized as receiving a monthly award in the previous 12 months.

Memorial hosted its 54th annual employee banquet May 22 at D’Mar Banquet & Conference Center. Employees celebrating milestone anniversaries were honored for their service. There were 34 employees recognized for five years of service, 24 employees recognized for 10 years of service, 20 employees recognized for 15 years of service, 19 employees recognized for 20 years of service and 19 employees recognized for 25 years of service.

Special recognition was extended to 30-year employees Tammy Black, Julie Carlton, Michael Chapman, Lisa Criner, Kimberly Fabus, Julie Lehman and Patricia Root; 35-year employees Carol Cornell, Darlene Franklin, and Anne Tipton; 40-year employees Piper Chrenka, Elizabeth Ramirez, Brian Robinson, Jacquelyn Sexton and Laurie Walker; and 45-year employees Debra Burke, Pamela Dunham and Iyla Waters.

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