OWOSSO — The city council tonight plans a public hearing on buffer zone requirements for medical marijuana businesses.

The city planning commission has created amendments to the buffer zone requirements for facilities that it has recommended to the council.

“The Planning Commission conducted their own hearing for these changes,” Henne said. “They are recommending that city council adopts these changes. In order to do that, council has to have their own public hearing.”

The meeting begins at 7 p.m at city hall.

There are five types of licenses for provisioning centers: Growers, testers, licensing, transport and production.

The standards for the provisioning centers include:

n May not be located within 200 feet of the real property comprising or used by a public or private elementary, vocational, or secondary school.

n May not be located within 100 feet of a residentially zoned structure.

n May not be located within 100 feet of a vacant residentially zoned parcel.

n No parcel containing a medical marijuana provisioning center shall be located within 100 feet of a parcel on which another medical marijuana provisioning center is located.

“Provisioning centers are like the store front locations,” Henne said. “With a card, you can walk in to these centers and buy the marijuana. Those can be located in commercially zoned areas. Downtown for example is definitely eligible for that.”

He believes commission members found potential problems with the original ordinance, so the changes are being proposed.

“This doesn’t make it more restrictive,” Henne said. “We just cleared up some areas of confusion, so we could be more specific. When people go to apply for these licenses, and apply to get in the lottery, we want to make sure they understand where those centers can be located.”

He said there are potential sites for the centers as long as they meet the buffer requirements.

“If council does approve this then we will be able to move on and actually set the lottery which will choose the four provisioning centers,” Henne said.

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