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Why isn't there any pictures of the rentals... further more a particular listing had no address no pricing info nor any relevant information leading one to wonder why it was posted, to call Debra. As far as I know it could be a ruse, or a trap. I know that this is a smaller community, which is why I felt it mY be a good move after 15 yrs in a bigger area. But I feel like it's so far behind due to lack of information that can and should be access ghrew the mlive, and of Argus Press classifieds. Even to see criminal complaints , or cops and reports that's usually posted on local news on mlive, why can't I find this info in Argus Press or mlive for this region?


Further more it's important to have such information easily addressable for criminal activity that can be in our area and researching how many crime happen in a given area due I g given time periods, to see weather there is patterns, and if suspects apprehended. To fallow up on other locAl news. It's relatively as if we are in a sort of black out area of information that should be easily accessed and just curious as to why this is the case

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