One of the best loved Christmas movies of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. Miss Reed was born on a farm near Denison, Iowa, and graduated from Denison High School. We lived in Iowa for about ten years and visited Denison on several occasions. At the…

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LAINGSBURG — The First Baptist Church is welcoming a new pastor this week, and he wants the community to come and check out a service.

OAKLEY — The Oakley Community Church, 327 S. Main St., is hosting its annual Summerfest and picnic in the church parking lot at 2 p.m. Sunday.

OWOSSO — Coram Deo Academics, a Christian homeschool co-op for the Owosso and Perry areas, is now open for registration for the 2022-23 school year.

OWOSSO — The second concert of the SUMMERPraise! series will take place at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the Mitchell Amphitheater. The group Three Bridges will return to Owosso for the third time.

A case manager came into my wife’s hospital room while she was still in ICU, and not even close to being discharged, to talk with us about discharge procedure. It seems her release from the hospital was being planned almost from the time of her admission.

OWOSSO — The jamboree scheduled for tonight at Owosso Free Methodist Church, 1429 N. Chipman St., has been canceled due to the holiday weekend.

OWOSSO — The St. John’s United Church of Christ Food Pantry and the Shiawassee Hunger Network will be distributing food from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday.

LAINGSBURG — Laingsburg United Methodist Church is getting “messy” in its efforts to bring people back to church now that life is returning to normal.

Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, spent a great deal of time with the Bible. He undoubtedly read it carefully and, like so many others before him and after him, decided which parts he would accept and which parts he would reject.

Have you noticed that some people are prone to criticism? They’re like the church board member who could not make it to the quarterly meeting. He informed the pastor of his impending absence and then explained: “But, just know this, Pastor. Whatever comes before the board, I’m against it!”

Shots rang out as President Ronald Reagan was leaving the Washington Hilton on March 31, 1981. John Hinckley, standing behind a rope line on the sidewalk fifteen feet from the president, had raised a .22 caliber blue steel revolver and fired six times in 1.7 seconds. All six shots missed the…

OWOSSO — Redeemer Lutheran Church will be showing the movie “Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years” at 1 p.m. Saturday.

When Thomas Jefferson was president, he and a group of companions were traveling across the country on horseback. They came to a river that was swollen because of recent rains. Each of the riders had no choice but to ford the river on horseback.

OWOSSO — St. John’s United Church of Christ and the Shiawassee Hunger Network Food Pantry will be distributing food on from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The oldest known valentine still in existence today can be found in the British Museum in London. Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote a poem to his wife in 1415 while imprisoned in the tower of London.

Everybody needs a friend. We all do better if we don’t have to slog through our difficulties all alone.

In July 1973, our family moved to Dover, Delaware, where I assumed a pastorate. Joe Biden had been elected U.S. senator from that state the previous fall. Sometime in our first year, then-Senator Biden returned to the state to make a speech. As I recall, the event was held at a high school f…

OWOSSO — The public is invited to enjoy fellowship and good music Friday at the Owosso Free Methodist Church.

I read recently about Good Riddance Day, an event sponsored by an organization in New York City. It is patterned after a Latin American custom in which “New Year’s revelers stuffed dolls with objects representing bad memories before setting them on fire.”