Helping others sparks interest for Ovid-Elsie senior


ELSIE — Senior Jordan Hitchens, who just turned 18, doesn’t want to lock herself into one career path quite yet, but when asked what she wants to do with her life, she doesn’t hesitate to answer.

“What I want most out of life is to make real, positive change in the world.,” Hitchens said. “I am very dedicated to the cause of fighting for human rights, both nationally and globally.”

Hitchens wants to attend the University of Michigan and major in psychology.

She has a 4.09 GPA and is especially interested in forensic and clinical psychiatry, but is “open to a lot of career branches” within psychology.

“I am interested in psychology partly because it is what my mother wanted to pursue, but also mostly because I am very drawn to humanitarianism and feel that this is a great way to achieve my goal of helping others,” Hitchens said. “I honestly can see myself in almost any psychology-aligned field, though I am particularly interested in general psychology, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology.”

Hitchens’ favorite teacher at Ovid-Elsie is Brandon Belill, whom she had for social studies.

“His classroom environment was always welcoming and laid-back,” Hitchens said. “I found his teaching style to be very effective. There wasn’t a day where I went to his class and left feeling like I didn’t understand the material.”

“Jordan is an amazing, bright young lady, who is a motivated student with natural leadership abilities,” Belill said via email. “She seems to have a perpetual upbeat attitude about her at school. She takes on any task at hand with her best effort, while also willingly helping her classmates when needed. Jordan was someone I could always count on to not only be a class leader, but someone who would constantly strive to get better. Her work ethic, determination, and positive attitude will undoubtedly take her far in life.”

Hitchens is also involved in National Art Honor Society, of which she is the chapter president, National Honor Society, the Ovid-Elsie snow sculpting team, language arts team and girls varsity tennis.

In her spare time, Hitchens enjoys making charcoal drawings and portraits of people she knows, because she likes to capture someone’s likeness on paper. She also likes to draw animals.

“It’s sort of like taking a photograph, only it’s more personal,” she said. Some of her favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for portraits and nature-influenced works, and Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian Renaissance painter.

Hitchens also enjoys watercolor painting, reading and playing video games.

Her favorite book is “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath, and her favorite movie is “Lady Bird.” Currently, her favorite TV show is “The Mandalorian,” and her favorite video game is “Minecraft,” and she also enjoys playing “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and “Undertale.”

Hitchens’ parents are William and Miranda Hitchens, and she has an older sister, Savannah.

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