Demanding schedule doesn’t faze Chesaning senior


CHESANING — Weston Powell is not one to complain about a busy schedule — or lack ambition.

The 18-year-old works two jobs, plays shortstop on the varsity baseball team and is a member of National Honor Society, all while maintaining a 4.1 GPA as a senior at Chesaning High School.

The schedule doesn’t come without its share of demands, but Powell admits he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s kind of an enjoyable experience just to have something to do all the time,” Powell said Thursday. “I think I’d get bored without having stuff to do.”

Eager to challenge himself academically, Powell recently completed college-level courses in English, history and ethics at Delta College, where he’s been dual-enrolled since his junior year.

He’s also helped form a Distributive Education Clubs of America Chapter in Chesaning. The group — geared toward marketing and business students — promotes the development of leadership skills through academic competitions.

Powell is considering a career in the business realm himself, with plans to enroll at Northwood University this fall to study finance.

“My parents had a little business growing up flipping houses and that just really got me started,” Powell said. “I keep learning about (finance) and it keeps getting more fascinating.”

Powell said he chose Northwood in particular because of its strong reputation as a business school.

“It’s one of the better business schools in the area, real business-oriented,” he said. “All of the professors and faculty there teach you with their real world experiences they’ve had over their careers.”

Powell’s long-term goal is to become a financial advisor, a career he says will allow him to fulfill his desire to help others, offering tips to those seeking to understand what they’re doing with their money.

Chesaning math teacher Melyssa Lenon believes Powell has all the tools it takes to succeed.

“Weston is a respectful, self-motivated student who is truly dedicated to learning,” Lenon said. “An excellent thinker and problem solver, Weston’s successes reflect his hard work and determination.”

Graduation is fast approaching, but Powell’s showing no signs of slowing down. He currently works at Creative Passions in Chesaning, handling luggage for guests, while also handling golf bags for patrons at the Fortress Golf Course in Frankenmuth.

The 18-year-old is also happy to be back on the baseball field after his junior season was wiped out by the coronavirus.

“Being with friends (is the best part),” Powell said. “Even though we’ve had a few injuries (on the team), it’s still been fun.”

As his time at Chesaning comes to a close, Powell admits what he’s enjoyed the most is the community atmosphere.

“I just like the small town feeling,” he said. “Everybody’s close and you know everybody else.”

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