Durand senior inspired to pursue psychology

Brynn Patsey

DURAND — Brynn Patsey keeps a pretty tight schedule, so much so that when asked how she likes to spend her free time, the Durand High School senior had to pause for a moment to collect her thoughts.

“I don’t have much free time so that’s hard,” Patsey answered finally, laughing. “I definitely like to listen to music and just hang out with my friends and family because moments that I get to do that are few and far between.”

Patsey’s current course load includes advanced placement courses in calculus and language/composition, and she’s also taken two college-level courses — U.S. history and physical geography — through Lansing Community College during her time in Durand. Additionally, the 17-year-old competes on Durand’s volleyball and track teams, is a member of National Honor Society and student government, and works at Lockhart’s Authentic, all while maintaining a 4.05 GPA.

While Patsey admits her senior year has been a bit different amid the coronavirus, she’s making the most of it.

“It’s going pretty good considering all of the changes,” she said. “I think as a school we’re doing pretty well with adapting.”

Patsey said one of the things she’s most looking forward to is her senior season in track this upcoming spring. A sprinter for the Railroaders, she competes in the 100-and 200-meter Dash.

“I just like pushing myself because it’s interesting what you can do when you’re in a competition versus when you don’t have anything to work for,” she said.

Looking ahead to college, Patsey said she’s currently waiting to hear back from the University of Michigan and Pennsylvania State University, and she’s already been accepted to Michigan State University.

The University of Michigan is her first choice, she said, adding she plans to earn an undergraduate degree in psychology before moving on to medical school. Patsey said she was inspired to pursue psychology after taking an advanced placement course on the subject during her junior year.

“It’s just been my absolute favorite class I’ve taken in high school so far, it was like the easiest to enjoy learning about,” she said. “I just really loved it so I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to do.”

Upon completing her bachelor’s degree, Patsey said she aims to go to medical school; currently she’s leaning toward obstetrics or dermatology, given her passion for working with people.

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