Corunna Public Schools

CORUNNA — Louise Peacock, the early education center for Corunna Public Schools, will be closed today and Wednesday because of widespread illness.

Corunna Superintendent John Fattal posted a letter to parents on the CPS website and Facebook Monday announcing the closure of Louise Peack Children’s Services for Seedlings, pre-school and all before-and-after-school child care “because an excessive number of students and staff are out sick,” the website states.

The notice affects only Louise Peacock, as absences at all other buildings in the district are within normal range, Fattal said in the letter, although some individual classes have seen significant absences. In addition to the regular cleaning routine performed by the Louise Peackock custodial staff, “additional care will be taken in order to disinfect” the school, Fattal wrote.

“The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority,” he said in the letter. “Only personnel involved with disinfecting the building will be allowed in the building over the next few days.”

Fattal said any children’s hats, coats, gloves, etc. that are left in the classroom will be washed by school employees starting today. The articles will be returned to the classrooms before Thursday. School officials plan to reopen as usual starting at 6 a.m. Thursday. For those who have already signed up for before-or-after-school day care this week, those services will still be available for Nellie Reed, Elsa Meyer and middle schoolstudents at an alternative location, Fattal wrote. The superintendent encouraged proper hygiene to reduce the spread of illness, including washing hands, using separate personal items, keeping a distance from people who have a virus and disinfecting surfaces.

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