CORUNNA — Elizabeth Norris, a senior at Corunna High School, plans to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a surgeon — in part with help from an athletic scholarship to the University of North Dakota.

She is the daughter of Robert Norris and Nicole Norris and has one older sister Meredith, who is 20.

“(Elizabeth is) currently ranked No. 1 in our class right now academically. I know she has a lot of athletic accolades that people talk about, but she takes a number of Advanced Placement (AP) classes and she also takes programs like health occupation through our county-wide program as well,” Corunna High School operations principal Paul Brieger said.

Her favorite subject is science. She plans to attend medical school after her undergraduate studies and currently has a 4.26 GPA.

“My mom was an AP biology teacher here a while ago, so I’ve always been interested in science,” Norris said.

Nicole Norris also was athletic director at Corunna before moving to a Lansing-area district.

Elizabeth Norris was born in Lansing and lived there for the first few years of her life before her family moved to Corunna.

She said one of her favorite things about growing up in Corunna is the people she’s met; she has been in the same class with many of them since kindergarten.

“I love the support you get from our community here. It’s huge even though the community is not,” Norris said. “I think it’s because people from Corunna tend to want to come back and support it and see the whole school and community doing well. People care a lot about it.”

Norris plays volleyball and runs track for Corunna. She was part of the 2018 Corunna High School state championship track team.

“It was unbelievable. It was just so, so cool. Not only winning the state championship but then coming home to everyone,” Norris said of the experience.

Norris has been running track for Corunna since seventh grade. For volleyball, she is a setter and occasionally a hitter.

She was offered a scholarship to play college volleyball at the University of North Dakota as a setter.

“The people out there are a lot like here in Corunna. When I was talking to their coach he said the players that tend to do well out there tend to come from smaller communities because they get so much support there,” Norris said.

She recently was announced as a 2019 Miss Volleyball nominee, a statewide honor her older sister previously won.

She said the team culture helped her make her choice.

The University of North Dakota also has a good medical school, according to Norris.

Her father works for Michigan State University as a sports medicine physician.

She said she doesn’t get much leisure time now that her senior year is underway.

“It’s pretty much just volleyball and track,” she said.

Besides being involved in athletics, Norris is also a member of the student council and babysits.

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