MIDDLEVILLE — Four Corunna Odyssey of the Mind teams Saturday finished either first or second at the state finals and won the right to compete in the World Finals in May.

Corunna teams representing Elsa Meyer Elementary, Corunna High School and Corunna Middle School (two teams), qualified for the world meet May 22-25 at Michigan State University.

The top two teams, and ties, advance to the World Finals. In addition, teams that receive special creativity awards that have not already qualified also advance.

The Elsa Meyer team, in Division I, shared first place with Murray Lake Elementary from Lowell. The teams competed in the OMER to the Rescue Again event.

The problem requires students to complete a skit that includes a vehicle they assemble and disassemble and place into a suitcase while completing various tasks.

The high school team, in Division III, also solved the OMER to the Rescue Again problem and finished second behind Tri-County Area Schools (Sand Lake), 331.22 to 324.93.

In Division I’s Hide in Plain Sight competition, Corunna Middle School scored 343.56 points to finish ahead of Thornapple Kellogg Page Elementary.

Students must create a creature that changes its appearance three times to avoid being captured.

In Division II, a second group of Corunna Middle School students was second behind Tri County Middle School.

In Leonardo’s Workshop Division I, Laingsburg Elementary School finished sixth.

Teams have to portray Leonardo’s workshop in a performance that includes specific characters. They also have to recreate several of the artist’s works.

In Division II, Laingsburg Middle School was ninth.

In Division III, New Lothrop High School was fourth.

In the Structure Toss Division I competition, Laingsburg Elementary School finished eighth.

Teams hurl a weight-bearing structure into the air to gain points. Then they have to test the structure for strength.

In Division III, New Lothrop was fourth.

In the Opposites District Division II competition, Corunna Middle School’s second team was eighth.

In the problem, teams create a performance about a character who tries to distract them in various ways.

All teams also compete in an unscripted surprise competition that requires them to come up with a problem solution on the spot.

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