Criminal Justice Academy takes place

In front, from left,Rachael Wilder, Paige Hudecek, Josie Patrick and Renee Stapel. In the second row are Kristina Marshall and Mckenna Mattimore. In back are Robert Michels, Criminal Justice Instructor, Public Safety Director Kevin Lenkart, Maylee Hatt, Steven Davis, Heidi Durfee, Dakota Lemcool, Nick Baird-Lamontagne, Olivia Craven, Lt. Eric Cherry and Officer Michael Olsey.

OWOSSO — The Criminal Justice Program at Baker College of Owosso and the Owosso Police Department teamed up this spring to offer their first Criminal Justice Academy.

Students enrolled in the Shiawassee RESD Career and Technical Education Countywide Criminal Justice II program participated in the academy.

Kristina Marshall, the social science program director for Baker College, worked with Public Safety Director Kevin Lenkart and Lt. Eric Cherry to arrange the nine-week Criminal Justice Academy.

Students met weekly with professionals in the criminal justice field to take an in-depth look at how the criminal justice system works and different agencies within the field. The Academy consisted of classroom instruction, hands-on experience and guest speakers.

Students learned about crime scene investigations, traffic stops/felony stops, K-9 handling/searches, first aid, firearm simulations, etc. The academy ended with a graduation ceremony in which the students earned certificates for their participation.

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