CHESANING — Chesaning High School senior Nolan Meder participates in two varsity sports, serves as senior class president and is the vice president of Chesaning’s National Honor Society (NHS).

But if you were to ask Meder what his favorite after-school activity is, he’d be quick to mention his megaphone, the device that allows him to lead the Chesaning High School student section in a variety of chants during athletic events.

“That’s where I have the most fun is out there leading the student section,” Meder said. “All the guys up there, we like to come up with creative chants…I have fun every minute up there in the student section.”

When he’s not stopping classmates in the hall to ensure they’re attending the next big game, Meder is challenging himself academically, maintaining a 3.8 GPA while taking on advanced placement (AP) courses in biology, computer science and calculus.

“Really the motivation is to get into college,” Meder said. “I want to go into the engineering field. That was the main thing with calculus, I wanted to get a jump on that going into college.”

Athletically, Meder is a member of the varsity tennis and varsity baseball teams, playing at No. 1 doubles and at first base, respectively, while also fulfilling duties as student class president and NHS vice president.

Chesaning math/science teacher Melyssa Lenon described Meder as an “energetic, considerate young man who leads by example.”

“Nolan is a dedicated student who enjoys learning and problem solving,” Lenon said. “His positive, energetic attitude is contagious both inside and outside the classroom.”

In the fall, Meder plans to enroll at Michigan State University, where he hopes to enlist in the school’s Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program while majoring in either civil or computer engineering.

For Meder, the opportunity to serve in the Air Force seems like a good fit.

“My dad was in the Army and he loved it,” Meder said. “His cousin was in Marine ROTC, so that’s really how I heard about the ROTC. He spoke highly of it and really encouraged it for me.

“Something I learned recently that I thought was cool is that in the first two years of college, you are learning about ROTC from the juniors and seniors, so when it comes time when you’re a junior or senior, you’re actually teaching the ROTC class,” Meder continued. “Not only does that help you learn the stuff, but you’re also working on your leadership ability.”

Upon graduation from Michigan State, Meder plans to enter the Air Force as an officer.

As for right now, Meder is doing his best to leave his mark at Chesaning, namely in the student section.

“One of the things I’m most proud of this year is for volleyball,” Meder said. “I know growing up, going into high school I never saw any big student sections at the volleyball games. This year our girls were super successful and I think we had a pretty good impact just getting in the other team’s head. I think we started something there this year.”

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