ELSIE — Seventeen-year-old Quin Bailie, who carries a 4.14 GPA, has some lofty goals: he plans to attend college first to obtain a master’s degree and then a doctorate in psychology.

Bailie is considering attending Western Michigan University, the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University, and wants to open a practice that offers therapeutic resources for neurodivergent and traumatized LGBTQ+ children and teenagers.

Ovid-Elsie Counseling Director Macey Ehman has known Bailie since his freshman year, and is impressed by his care and concern for others.

“He is the type of student who will make sure that no one eats lunch alone and that everyone feels welcomed and accepted,” Ehman said. “He has overcome so much in his life and is so resilient.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be his counselor, to watch him grow as a young person, and to see him take his next steps toward his dreams and goals for his future.”

Bailie’s favorite subject is drama, he “loves theater and performing,” and the group is “welcoming” and has a “fantastic atmosphere” created by teacher Mandy Bashore.

In addition to Bashore, his other favorite teachers include art teacher Logan Kellogg, AP biology teacher Kari McCormick and Ehman.

“They’re all very accepting, understanding, and fun to be around,” Bailie said. “They work very hard to provide a good education and resources for their students. I appreciate them a lot, as they’ve done so much for me throughout my high school years.”

“Quin is a wonderful student,” McCormick added. “Very motivated and hardworking. He is a pleasure to have in class and has set very high standards for himself. Quin has a very bright future.”

For extracurricular activities, Bailie participates in GSA, drama, NAHS, Awareness and Change, language arts team, and works as a cashier at Village Food Pride.

Bailie’s hobbies include writing, storytelling, painting, drawing, playing video games, studying psychology, listening to true crime podcasts, and making music. His favorite TV show is “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix, and they also enjoy open-world and building video games like “Minecraft” and “Stardew Valley”; and his favorite movie is “Thor: Ragnarok.”

“I don’t think I can pick a favorite book,” Bailie said.

Bailie’s family includes mother Julie Kora and younger sibling Konner.

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