Corunna senior adapts to pandemic world


CORUNNA — Elizabeth Forbes, a senior at Corunna High School, is happy to be attending school in person, after learning from home last spring and part of the fall semester.

Life as a high school student during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge, she said, but she’s coping.

“The pandemic has really messed things up,” Forbes, 17, said. “It’s my last year in high school, and it’s not really what you expect it to be. I’ve handled it decently, but it’s definitely been hard.”

She said the high school is playing it safe, giving students more time between classes so teachers can disinfect desktops.

“I think Corunna’s done a decent job with COVID. Some other schools have had more cases than Corunna,” Forbes said.

One benefit of being back in school is being able to participate in band, where she plays the clarinet. You can’t do band via Zoom, she said.

Forbes’ other classes this semester are Spanish II, AP calculus, sociology and physiology, and history at Lansing Community College, where she is dual-enrolled.

With a cumulative GPA of 4.05, Forbes has been accepted at Western Michigan University, but hasn’t made a final decision about which college to attend.

She is also still mulling a major, leaning toward psychology at the moment.

“I’ll figure out a major and a career in college, I think,” Forbes said.

She feels prepared for whatever lies ahead, having attended Corunna Public Schools since pre-kindergarten.

“When you compare Corunna to other school district in the area, school is good at Corunna,” Forbes said. “People are nice here. I’ve never seen any bullying. And you get a good education at Corunna.”

Her favorite instructor over the years has been math teacher Ryan Czymbor, she said.

“He’s one of the few teachers I actually talk to,” Forbes said. “I had him for two math classes, and I think I did well with his teaching style.”

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends (until COVID put a temporary stop to it), making jigsaw and crossword puzzles, and reading.

Her favorite TV show is the “Hannibal” horror-thriller series, and she likes all varieties of music.

Forbes lives with her parents, John and Teresa Forbes. She has no siblings, and that’s just fine with her.

“I like being an only child,” she said. “I probably get more attention than if I had siblings. My family is very close.”

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