CORUNNA — Corunna Public Schools employees will soon have access to a “one-stop shop” for the majority of their health care needs.

The Cavalier Family Healthcare Center, an on-site health clinic staffed by licensed medical professionals, was unveiled by district officials Wednesday, and beginning Dec. 1 will allow district employees and their families (spouse and dependents) to have same-day, next-day doctor appointments at no cost to the employee, regardless of insurance status.

No-cost prescriptions will also be filled on-site, officials said.

The clinic occupies a former classroom inside the district’s pool building at 482 E. King Street, and will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Corunna is the first public school district in Michigan to have an on-site health clinic, Superintendent John Fattal indicated Wednesday. The venture was made possible through a partnership with School Employers Trust (SET) and School Employers Group (SEG), nonprofit companies that “work to provide affordable benefit solutions to Michigan public schools and their employees.”

“We’re excited to offer this to our employees,” Fattal said Wednesday, adding the hours of the facility may expand depending on employee usage and demand.

Fattal was first introduced to the idea of an on-site health clinic about four years ago as he viewed a presentation on SET SEG’s near-site clinic in Lansing. The clinic serves employees of the Charlotte, Grand Ledge and Maple Valley school districts, and opened in August 2018.

Corunna’s board of education began investigating the possibility of adding a clinic shortly thereafter, ultimately voting to advance the project with the belief that it would be a great addition for employees.

“I think it’s a good opportunity,” board President Jennifer Strauch said at Wednesday’s ribbon-cutting. “It’s going to bring in bus drivers and those that don’t always have insurance. (It’s) another incentive for them to be here.

“Just the ease of even teachers or para professionals being able to come in on their lunch if they need to is a big convenience for everybody.”

Corunna employees will also have access to SET SEG’s Lansing clinic at 7402 Westshire Drive.

Corunna’s clinic will be staffed by Nurse Practitioner Angela Arsenault and Medical Assistant Jessica Guyton.

Dr. Breanna O’Keefe will oversee operations at the Corunna facility. O’Keefe currently serves as the primary care physician at SET SEG’s Lansing clinic through the larger health care organization CareATC.

“I worked for a large hospital for eight years prior to joining CareATC and working with SET SEG,” O’Keefe said. “No matter how much you want to give to your patients, when you have to see five, six patients minimum an hour and you’re double-booking and you literally get less than 12 minutes with a patient, you can’t address all of their concerns and really listen to them and take care of them in that time.

“Working with CareATC and SET SEG we’re able to have longer appointments,” she continued. “Patients aren’t rushed. They can kind of be serviced at a one-stop shop location, getting everything taken care of and then they’re out the door with the medication to feel better or at the very least know that they were heard and we’re going to work get them better.”

For more information about the Corunna Cavalier Family Healthcare Center, visit

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