Owosso scouts meet Canadian counterparts

Courtesy PhotoSeen here are Jayme Zelenka, Julie Jungerheld, Bailey Cummings, Willow MacLaughlin, Cass Thurman and Dearie Crooks.

OWOSSO — Saturday, seven Girl Scouts attended the 51st annual Girl Scout/Girl Guide International River Crossing.

The event brings together U.S. Girl Scouts and Canadian Girl Guides for a day of scout sisterhood through games, songs and a parade.

“I had a great day,” said Bailey Cummings, of Owosso, a member of Troop 30445.

Thousands of girls from both sides of the border shared their common scouting experiences at the event. A highlight of the day for U.S. Girl Scouts was taking the ferry to join Girl Guides on Wahpole Island, Canada, where girls exchanged small, handmade trinkets called swaps.

Scouts and Guides also shared the item they have in common: cookies.

“Everyone loves Thin Mints,” Troop member Jayme Zelenka said. “It was fun to compare the two brands.”

Taking the ferry to Canada required the Scouts to present their U.S. passports or official birth certificates to U.S. Customs officers. It also provided an opportunity for the girls to learn about U.S. Custom officers, their jobs and education requirements.

“No special education is required, but knowing a second language will push your application to the top,” Scout Willow MacLaughlin said. “And I learned that almost half of all U.S. Custom officers are women.”

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