PERRY — Olivia Lewis, a senior at Perry High School, doesn’t know exactly what career she wants to pursue, but it will definitely have something to do with science.

“I’m flipping between geology and microbiology right now, because they’re interesting,” Lewis said. “A career related to whatever my major is, would be nice.”

Lewis said she is planning to do her basic courses at Lansing Community College and then transfer to Michigan State University.

Last fall, she had a 4.1-plus cumulative GPA. She belongs to the Science Olympiad group, is a member of the school’s National Honor Society and is a Shiawassee Scholar.

“Olivia is one of our top students, and has maintained a rigorous schedule, including dual enrolling in classes at Lansing Community College,” Perry High School counselor Stephanie Smiley said. “She’s been an active member in our band program and is an outstanding person.”

Lewis also plays the trombone, which she took up in fifth grade, in the high school marching band and orchestra during the winter.

“The trombone was hard for me, because I have short arms,” she said, “But I like the slide on a trombone — you get that special sound.”

Band teacher Garret Ernst is Lewis’ all-time favorite instructor.

“He’s really dedicated to his work,” she said. “He doesn’t baby the band. He treats us like young adults, and I really respect that.”

She enjoys playing in the band, period.

“All the people in the horn section are close,” Lewis said. “It’s super-cool to hang out with them.”

She has been attending Perry schools since kindergarten.

“I like the teachers and the people here,” Lewis said. “I like the smallness of the high school, as opposed to schools with like 1,000 kids.”

Her courses last fall included math, college history, environmental science, band, world mythology and English.

Her parents are Tammy and Joel Lewis, and her siblings are Miranda Lewis, 21, and Parker Lewis, 15.

“My mom is my role model,” Olivia Lewis said. “She’s really nice and she works hard for my family. She’s also just a nice person to be around.”

Lewis is a big fan of music, especially two very different genres, punk rock and tunes from Broadway musicals. When she reads, she gravitates toward fiction, fantasy in particular.

She also enjoys drawing and watching videos on YouTube.

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