Morrice senior enjoys helping others, considers nursing

MORRICE — Mallory Munro is still considering her college plans, but she’s sure of a few things.

“I like working with babies and I like helping others,” the Morrice High School senior said.

Her desire to help others has Munro considering a career in nursing, possibly in a neo-natal setting.

“I babysit regularly for a nurse on the weekends,” Munro said, which has given her plenty of experience with young children.

Munro, 17, is looking at Saginaw Valley State University and Baker College, but she has yet to make a final choice.

This year, Munro — who has a 4.0 GPA — is dual-enrolled at Baker College, where she is taking composition.

At Morrice, she is taking advanced art, college and career readiness, trigonometry, English 12, yearbook and Adulting.

Adulting leads students through real-world scenarios, but trigonometry is her favorite class.

“Math is my favorite subject. Trigonometry is more challenging, but it’s fun to work out the problems and equations,” she said.

Additionally, she plays basketball as a shooting guard.

Munro has been involved with student council since seventh grade. This year she is the secretary. She’s also a member of National Honor Society, and has been since she was a sophomore. She’s vice president this year and does a lot of work helping put together community service events, such as blood drives.

Munro said she has several teachers who inspire her. She pointed to Carey Darnell who, she said, is full of knowledge and wisdom; Kim Yonkman, who teaches French and is like a second mom; and Karie Brown, who leads the yearbook class.

All three teachers said they are impressed by the senior.

“Mallory is a very conscientious student,” Kari Brown said. “She not only works hard in her academic courses, but also excels in her visual arts class and independent study yearbook class. Mallory is our senior yearbook editor this year, which is no easy task when we do not have a dedicated yearbook class. “Her organization and dedication keep her focused and successful in that role.”

“Mallory is an outgoing student who takes ownership of her learning,” Carey Darnell said. “She exhibits grit, integrity and her positive outlook on life is contagious. She gets along with her peers and teachers because she is respectful and kind. Her excellent work ethic will serve her well outside the doors of Morrice.”

“She enjoys being active and you can always count on her to take a leadership role,” Kim Yonkman said. “She strives for perfection, while remaining humble and supportive to all. I’m definitely proud of this Oriole.”

Munro’s parents are Roy and Tammy Munro. She has a sister, Courtney, who is a nurse, and a brother, Tim, who is an electrician.

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