CHESANING — Tanner Williams knows his days as a high school student are fleeting — that’s precisely why he’s determined to make the most of every opportunity.

This year, the Chesaning senior has joined the bowling team, the robotics team and the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, each for the first time.

In his words, he’s “going for it all.”

“I’ve mainly only done soccer through my entire high school career and I thought maybe I’d do a different sport for once,” Williams said. “My friends are all in bowling. It seemed fun and not a hard sport to pick up; I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve bowled about 10 times before I started playing (on the team), so I definitely wasn’t the best, but I’ve been improving.

“As for robotics, I’ve always thought it was interesting, I just never got into it. I noticed some of my friends were involved…I’m going out for out for as many things as possible,” he explained.

Williams is not one to shy away from a challenge academically either; he currently maintains a 3.85 GPA while taking advanced placement courses in calculus and computer science, along with an online English course through Delta College.

The 17-year-old has also taken online courses in sociology and psychology at Delta College while also serving as a member of entrepreneurship club and as goalkeeper for the boys soccer team.

“I’m taking the AP and dual enrollment classes mainly because it can be transferred to college credit, but also because I was maybe thinking about going into a career in math or science,” Williams said. “With math, it just clicks in my head, I understand it easily I guess, it just comes to me….I’m enjoying AP calculus this year, it’s pretty challenging, as this is stuff I’ve never even delved into.”

For Williams, math and science have been interests for as long as he can remember, so when Chesaning began offering an advanced placement computer science course, he jumped at the chance to enroll.

“Computer science is sort of a combination of both,” Williams said, “because science deals with how computers are constructed and math is sort of the coding bit of it.”

The course has sparked an interest, according to Williams, as he plans to dive further into the realm of computer science to complete his senior integrated project at Chesaning.

“I’m going to download a programming platform called Unity,” Williams said, “and in my project I’m going to try to make a very rough two-dimensional game in a coding language that I haven’t learned yet.”

Williams intends to major in computer science in college, he said, most likely at Saginaw Valley State University, where he has received a letter of acceptance and some scholarship money.

Williams — based upon his high school GPA, class ranking and SAT score — was also invited to go up against other high school seniors for a chance at the university’s competitive full-ride scholarship — the Presidential Scholarship.

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