ELSIE — Senior Emme Koutz might one day be a teacher — something her teachers and principal think would suit her well.

Koutz said she wants to be a teacher to help kids get off to a good start.

“I just really like kids. I feel like teaching is the beginning of everything so I want to help kids get a good start in life by being a good teacher for them,” Koutz said.

In the fall she plans to attend Adrian College to study elementary education. She’s not quite sure what subject she wants to teach, but is really interested in history.

She said there were a couple of reasons she decided to go to Adrian.

“I love how the campus looks, it’s small and everything is so nice. They also reached out to me and they really want me to run on their cross country team so I’m excited about that,” Koutz said.

Koutz said her favorite teacher is Laura Webber, Ovid-Elsie High School’s art teacher.

“She’s really nice and supportive. She makes you feel really good about your artwork,” Koutz said.

She said she would like to teach at an area school, something that excites her Principal Jason Tokar.

“I think she would make a wonderful teacher. She is always looking for different ways to make a positive impact on others,” he said. “Emme is a great

She echoed Tokar’s excitement when talking about the potential for Koutz to become a teacher.

“She would be such a great teacher because she is so patient. She’s calm. She has a very soothing demeanor,” Webber said.

Webber said Koutz has other great qualities, as well.

“First of all, she is such a kind person. She shows kindness to her classmates and teachers, she’s really sweet,” Webber said. “But she is also a phenomenal painter. She is so talented. She is working on a watercolor that has flowers in it and it is an absolute masterpiece.”

Webber said students like Koutz make the school a better place because of the positive attitude they bring every day.

“In and out of the classroom, she always has a positive attitude and is striving for excellence,” Webber said.

Koutz has lived in Ovid her entire life. Koutz said she’s enjoyed growing up in a small town, and growing close with her friends.

Outside of school, Koutz likes to spend her time running and hanging out with her border collie/Lab mix named Lilly.

She also enjoys drawing, specifically flowers.

She’s been part of cross country since seventh grade and is also on the swim team and runs track.

When it comes to music, she will listen to about anything, except country and metal, and likes Taylor Swift. Koutz said she is a huge Star Wars fan and prefers the older movies.

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