MORRICE — Amber Nanasy has her eyes set on a life of service after she finishes her senior year at Morrice.

She plans to join Youth With a Mission (YWAM), which teaches young people how to be missionaries.

She will head to California for discipleship training school, which lasts about three months.

“It will be like a campus living situation where we are focused on growing our relationship with God,” Nanasy said.

Following that she will embark on a three-month outreach program that includes a mission trip.

“I know you don’t really make money being a missionary, but if it’s what God wants me to do then I’ll do it,” she said.

Nanasy has lived in Morrice her entire life.

“It’s pretty laid back here, kind of like a big family, very tight-knit and you know everyone,” she said.

Growing up, Nanasy played softball and basketball until her sophomore year in high school.

Currently, she is a member of the National Honor Society and spends a lot of her time focused on what she says are some of the most important things in her life — her artwork and her faith.

She enjoys drawing portraits and doodles. Some of her favorite portraits include those of her cousin at the time she was pregnant, another after her baby was born and one of her grandfather she never met, it was a gift for her father.

Nanasy, along with her twin sister Jade, and fellow student Cody Hedger are in the process of painting murals on the walls of the school hallway near the school art room.

“She is an amazing student that is constantly improving. She will find something she enjoys and work and work until she is better at it. Amber is also very creative. She thinks of things in her head that turn out to be amazing artwork,” Kari Brown, Nanasy’s art teacher said.

Brown said students like Nanasy make the school a better place because of the example they set.

“She has an independent study when I actually teach a junior high art class, so they get a chance to see her work and she works with them and helps them even though it’s her time to work on her artwork. She’s willing to do anything she can do to help others,” Brown said.

Nanasy is the daughter of Kevin and Tara Nanasy and, in addition to her twin sister, has a brother, Toby, 21. Her older brother Xavier passed away a few years ago in a farming accident.

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