Memorial volunteer retires after 50 years

Phyllis Haas, who has worked as a Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary volunteer for 50 years, is retiring after her final shift at the Four Seasons Gift Shop Monday.

OWOSSO — After 50 years working as a volunteer at Memorial Healthcare, Phyllis Haas worked her final a shift Monday afternoon at the Four Seasons Gift Shop.

Haas, 95, began volunteering at the hospital in 1971 after her children were already grown — she has four children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

“In the beginning the gift shop was in the main lobby when you walked in the door,” Haas said. “It later moved to where the public safety office is now, and then moved again to its current location.”

Now that Haas has retired, she’s planning to spend more time with family, as well as reading and putting together jigsaw puzzles, her two favorite hobbies.

“I have loved working at Memorial Healthcare and am going to miss talking with the many visitors that came into the gift shop and the other volunteers I worked with,” Haas said. “I highly encourage others who are retiring to consider volunteering at Memorial Healthcare.

“She’s one of the sweetest ladies you have ever worked with,” said Pam Starkweather, who was Haas’ boss at Memorial. “She’s a retired teacher and one of best volunteers we’ve ever had. She was there long before me. Everyone that was there when she hired in is probably dead by now. Because of COVID, we’re operating four hours a day. When we get going full blown again, I’ll miss her. She’s been a joy to work with.”

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