MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Securing health care

OWOSSO — Jeffrey Hauk has worked across the country, but he’s happy to be back home utilizing that experience in his job as head of Memorial Healthcare’s Public Safety Department.

Hauk, an Owosso native, has been in his current position for Memorial since 2014. Hauk and his entire 10-person staff have attained Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

Before working at Memorial, Hauk worked in El Paso, Texas, as the chief security officer for Emergent BioSolutions, a biopharmaceutical company that produces the anthrax vaccine for the U.S. government and Department of Defense, as well as a vaccine for botulism.

“I came here in 2014, and my role then was to come in as a temporary consultant to take a look at what risk and threats were here,” Hauk said. “They really didn’t have a security element here. What they had was attached to the facilities department. I’ve spent the last almost six years building up what we have here.”

Michigan’s Public Act 330 gives Hauk and his officers the authorization to perform law enforcement and security operations for private corporations. They have jurisdiction on Memorial Healthcare property, and any criminal complaints are referred to Owosso Police for potential prosecution or further investigation.

“My hope is that by making a name for our officers at Memorial Healthcare, people can expect to be safe while receiving their health services,” Hauk said. “Whenever anyone who is planning on doing anything bad at Memorial, they should find another place to do it. It’s not going to work out for them here.”

A great relationship with Owosso Public Safety Director Kevin Lenkart has made cooperation work well, Hauk said.

“They couldn’t have made our work here any easier,” Hauk said. “They’ve been great since I’ve been here. Kevin is a top-notch guy.”

Owosso police also assist with OMH police firearms qualification. Hauk says he wouldn’t want his officers armed without rigid requirements, and he believes training with OPD provides a “gold standard.”

“My lieutenant, Larry Attebury, has 20 years in law enforcement,” Hauk added. “Some of my officers have prior military experience, some have security experience in different arenas. We’ve found it’s easier to train them. We have a law enforcement facet and a security facet,” Hauk said.

At Emergent, Hauk built up a security force over nine years that had to be ready to respond to any challenges, due to the vaccines being a potential high-value target.

Before working for Emergent, Hauk worked in Casper, Wyoming, where he provided security for water utilities.

Hauk graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in 1994, and a master’s degree in 2016.

He has training and certifications in executive protection, anti-terrorism, emergency management, defensive tactics, and others from numerous organizations, including the University of Louisville, Michigan State University, Louisiana State University, New Mexico Tech, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, El Paso Community College Police Academy, Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy, Oakland Community College Police Academy and the Emergency Management Institute.

Hauk has been married to wife Julie for 25 years, and the couple have three sons, Casey, Cory and C.J. He enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, Michigan State basketball, college football and watching the Detroit Lions.

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