County announces emergency manager selection

CORUNNA — At a Shiawassee County Board committee meeting Tuesday, officials announced that a new director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has been hired by the Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffrey Weiss was selected to fill the position, which had been vacant since September. Weiss is a retired Ingham County Sheriff’s Office sergeant with more than 20 years of experience. He served as that county’s emergency manager for about five years before retiring earlier this year.

Weiss will start as Shiawassee County’s director in January.

His duties include such things as evaluating security risks, coordinating resources during emergencies and managing grants and funding.

He will work part-time, 26 hours per week, for Shiawassee County at $32.92 an hour — about $50,000 a year.

Trent Atkins, the former director of emergency management and homeland security, left the position in September for a job in the private sector.

County officials said Weiss was an attractive candidate because the emergency manager operates under the sheriff’s office and he can be deputized and help if the sheriff needs him.

The decision to hire Weiss was made by a search committee that included Sheriff Brian BeGole, Venice Township Fire Chief Dave Ballard, Perry police chief Kyle Bawks and Commissioner Dan McMaster, R-District 2.

The county board last month authorized BeGole to fill the position.

McMaster called the hire killing two birds with one stone.

“It’s nice, because he’s a certified law enforcement officer so he will be available in that capacity if needed,” McMaster said.

Officials said Tuesday that there were only two applicants for the position and Weiss was the more qualified candidate.

The other applicant was a firefighter from the Ovid area, whom they did not identify.

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