Man accused of shooting officer challenges evidence

Joshua Rosebush, who is charged with the shooting of Saginaw Township Police Officer Jeff Koenig, is seen during his preliminary exam in 70th District Court in Saginaw in this March 8 photo.

SAGINAW — Joshua Rosebush, who is accused of shooting Saginaw Township police officer Jeff Koenig in the face during a traffic stop in January, now faces trial Sept. 17.

Tenth Circuit Court Judge Antony Borrello set the date Tuesday. Rosebush, 30, attended the hearing in Saginaw, where his attorney Rod O’Farrell told the court he intended to file numerous motions that could potentially push back the start of the trial even further.

O’Farrell plans to challenge the admissibility of a confession by Rosebush, obtained by police after Rosebush was shot in the face by Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office Det. Lt. Scott Shenk and was being treated at Sparrow Health System in Lansing.

Another motion O’Farrell said he plans to file is for a change of venue. Tuesday, O’Farrell questioned whether Rosebush could get a fair trial in Saginaw County, where he claims media coverage has tainted the potential jury pool.

O’Farrell said he has numerous other motions to file. Borrello told O’Farrell to have all motions filed by July 5, and set a date of July 26 for prosecutors to respond to the motions.

Borrello scheduled an evidentiary hearing Aug. 1 for O’Farrell’s various motions.

Rosebush, who has at least 13 prior felony convictions, was paroled from prison in April 2013. He allegedly removed an electronic monitoring device and fled parole.

While police were looking for him, Rosebush allegedly began a 12-hour, three county crime spree, stealing several vehicles, shooting Koenig and exchanging gunfire with Shenk before being wounded and apprehended by police on Woodbury Road in southwest Shiawassee County.

Rosebush was charged with 26 felonies, including weapons charges and two counts of attempted murder. He faces life in prison.

Since Rosebush was already on parole at the time of the alleged crimes, he was lodged at the Carson City Correctional Facility.

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Alma Zanfardino

Look at the arrogant face of the guilty man. When the traffic police stopped him he should have stopped rather try to open a fire on them. You need essay writing lab uk for your assignment. Now he has to be behind the bars for his doings.

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