Durand school bond proposals receive split decision

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY — In the most significant spending question on the ballot Tuesday, Durand Area Schools’ main bond request passed by a razor-thin margin — 50.64 percent to 49.36 percent (1,299-1,266).

However, the district’s second proposal, to refurbish the football stadium, failed by a large margin — 1,544-975.

In April, the Durand Area Schools Board of Education voted to place a 30-year, $28-million bond proposal on the August ballot.

Other millage proposals approved Tuesday include renewals for ambulance service and fire protection in Antrim Township, SATA millage in Caledonia Township, SATA millage in Owosso Township, SATA millage in the city of Perry, a millage for the Community District Library, a millage for Pleasant View and a sinking fund for Laingsburg schools.

According to the Department of Treasury website, Durand school voters last approved a bond in 2015, totaling $6.4 million, to fund remodeling, upgrade, technology and athletic facility improvements.

The Durand school bond — developed by a citizens committee — will fund the addition of an auxiliary gym, a 599-seat auditorium, and a three-classroom addition to Robert Kerr Elementary, as well as district-wide upgrades and repairs.

The second initiative would have financed replacing the grass at Roundhouse Stadium with synthetic turf, a $1.6-million cost over 30 years.

The approved measure will raise taxes, according to Superintendent Craig McCrumb; the owner of a home with a taxable value of $50,000 will pay approximately $62 more per year.

The second proposal would have added an additional $12 per year, McCrumb said.

Proposed upgrades under the Durand bond initiative include:

n The construction of an auxiliary gym/practice facility north of Robert Kerr Elementary, featuring a competition-sized court, a weight room and an indoor track

n The construction of a 599-seat auditorium west of the high school gymnasium

n A three-classroom addition at Robert Kerr Elementary, including a specialized Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lab for students

n The conversion of existing classroom space into STEM labs at the middle school and high school

n The installation of air conditioning at both Bertha Neal and Robert Kerr Elementary

n Updated lighting, ceilings, cabinetry and flooring at Bertha Neal and Robert Kerr Elementary (as needed)

n A new boiler at the middle school

n Air conditioning control work at the middle school and high school

n Upgrades to computer technology

n Resurfacing of the high school track (pending an evaluation)

n District-wide phone system upgrades to become 911 compliant by 2021

n Updating all facilities to become ADA compliant

Additional ballot proposals:


Laingsburg Community Schools

The proposal to allow the school district to continue to levy the building and site sinking fund millage that expires with the 2020 levy passed 1,083-492. The district asked for 0.9939 mill to be assessed on all property in the district in both Shiawassee and Clinton counties.

The levy will run five years, 2021 to 2025, to provide for construction or repair of school buildings, for security improvements, for the acquisition or upgrading of technology and other purposes.

The district estimates the levy will provide approximately $220,363 in the first year.

In 2017, Laingsburg voters approved a 1-mill sinking fund proposal 360-158.

Pleasant View

The Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility levy of up to 2 mills 2020 through 2023 passed easily, 8,357-6,043.

The county estimates it will collect $3,651,624 in the first calendar year if approved.

In August 2016, voters approved a 2-mill levy — which has remained the same for two decades — 6,800-3,548. The millage was levied 2016-19.

Antrim Township

The township’s $45 per year levy to fund ambulance service passed 360-141. The special assessment will run four years from 2020 through 2023, starting with the winter tax roll this fall. The township estimates that it will collect $38,925 in the first calendar year.

The township also asked residents to renew a 1.25-mill levy for four years through 2023 for fire protection; it passed 368-135. The levy will collect an estimated $87,622 in the first year.



Charter Township

The proposal sought a renewal of a 0.19 mill for public transportation services for two years — 2021 and 2022. It was approved 816-318.

The millage will be disbursed to the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency. Officials estimate the levy will generate $31,997 in the first year.

Township voters last approved the levy in August 2018 by a vote of 729-275.

City of Perry

The proposal continues a 0.25-mill levy for four years to provide funding for SATA.

The millage was OK’d 267-107. Officials estimate the levy will generate $11,520 in the first year.

Perry voters last approved a 0.25-mill renewal in August 2016 when 189 residents voted yes and 44 said no.

Owosso Charter Township

The township sought a levy of up to 0.3333 mill from 2022 to 2025 to provide funding for SATA. It was approved 869-377. Officials estimate the millage will raise $42,762 in the first year.

In November 2018, township voters approved the 0.3333 levy 1,534 to 666.

Community District Library

The library system, which has branches in New Lothrop, Corunna, Perry, Morrice, Byron, Lennon and Bancroft asked for a renewal of its current millage and an increase. The levy passed 3,324-1,983.

The CDL asked to levy 0.6941 mill and levy an additional 0.0059 mill to restore Headlee Amendment rollbacks, resulting in the levy of 0.7000 mill for a four-year period (2020 through 2023). Participating municipalities include the townships Burns, Caledonia, Hazelton, Perry, Shiawassee and Venice, and Corunna and Perry.

The levy will fund the operation and maintenance of the library and acquisition, maintenance and improvement of facilities, equipment and property. The levy of 0.7000 mills would provide $487,978 in the first calendar year, of which $4,112 would result from the additional 0.0059 mill.

In August 2016, voters approved 2,480 to 1,351. The levy was for 0.7 mill.


River Rapids Library

The River Rapids District Library, located in Chesaning, sought up to 0.9969 mill, a renewal of the previously authorized millage that expires this year.

The levy passed 901-296. The millage will run 10 years and fund library operations.

Officials estimate revenue in the first year of levy (2021) at $141,000.

The library serves the village and Chesaning Township. The district library was created in 2011. It was known as the Chesaning Public Library prior to that.

Sheriff Services Millage

County voters approved increasing the existing sheriff services millage from the previously voted amount for the years 2020-25 up to 1.75 mills to help fund county-wide law enforcement, road patrol services and operations of the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office and jail facility.

The levy passed 46,842-17,504. The full levy will raise $8,644,965 in the first year.

The proposal replaced the final year of the existing voter approved millage for Saginaw County Sheriff Services (1.3394 millage for 2016-2020).

Castle Museum

The levy to renew the existing millage of 0.1997 mill for 2021 to 2026 passed 46,841-30,287

The levy will raise $1,036,416 in the first year.

The Castle Museum of Saginaw County History also includes supporting the historical museums in Bridgeport, Chesaning, Frankenmuth and St. Charles, as well as other activities within Saginaw County.


Duplain Township

Emergency Services Millage

Duplain Township asked voters to replace the current 2.5-mill levy, which expires this year, with a smaller 1.5-mill tax for 2021 to 2024. The levy was approved 404-95.

The levy will pay for emergency services in Duplain Township and raise up to $99,681 in 2021.

Road Improvement

Duplain Township asked for an increased millage of up to 1.25 mills for four years, 2021 through 2024, to improve, repair and maintain roads. The millage was approved 323-177.

The tax will raise an estimated $83,068 in 2021.

Victor Township

Road Improvement

The township asked voters to restore the previously approved millage back to its full amount of 1.5 mills and extended. It passed 765-259. The new levy will run from 2021 to 2024.

The request was OK’d 765-259.

The levy had been reduced through the Headlee Tax Limitation Act to 1.4939 mill.

Estimated revenue in the first year is $212,214.

Ovid Emergency

Services Millage

The city asked voters to approve up to 2.25 mills for 2021 to 2023 to fund emergency services. The levy was passed 155-66. The levy will raise $69,382 in the first year.

All or a portion of the revenue may be disbursed to the Ovid-Middlebury Emergency Services Authority (OMESA) and/or the Clinton Area Ambulance Service Authority (CAASA).

Clinton Area Transit

The proposal to levy 0.6996 mill to fund the Clinton Area Transit System (The Blue Bus) passed 12,712-6,180.

The levy includes the 0.1996 mill currently levied and expiring this year, as well as 0.5 mill in new taxation.

The funding does not flow to the city of East Lansing.

Funding is for 2021 to 2024. The estimated revenue in the first year (2021) is approximately $1.9 million.

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