BURNS TWP. — The township board Monday will conduct a public hearing on whether it should pursue a plan to require the use of a single trash hauler paid for by a township-wide assessment.

“The public is welcome to come (at 6:30 p.m.) and voice their opinions on the trash assessment,” Township Treasurer Debbie Adams said. “The township has expressed interest in trash collection to be done by one entity. The fee would be added on the tax bill.”

The cost to hire Waste Management is estimated at $192,444 in the first year or about $14.50 per month for each resident.

The assessment would increase to $15.23 in the second year and $15.99 in the third year of the three-year proposal.

“Over the past few meetings, residents have had interest to wanting the collection to be township-wide,” Adams said. “It is believed that one trash service for everybody would be the easiest.”

The board has not finalized details such as the potential for a homeowner to opt out or whether they can continue to use their current service provider.

Currently there are about six service providers that pick up the trash for residents.

“Back at the January meeting there were two companies that put a bid in,” she said. “The two companies were Waste Management in Lennon and Specialty Salvage in Owosso.”

The township board chose Waste Management, the lowest bidder. Waste Management officials couldn’t be reached for comment.

If approved by the board, there will be another public hearing — along with a notice in the mail to each residence — to outline the cost of the proposal.

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