Chesaning village administrator to resign

Troy Feltman

CHESANING — Troy Feltman announced Tuesday that he plans to resign from his position as village administrator, effective Sept. 11, citing opportunities in the private sector.

Feltman made the announcement during Tuesday night’s village council meeting, held virtually via the video conferencing app Zoom. He said he’s leaning toward accepting a position in the private sector as a municipal consultant.

“I’ve had opportunities thrown at me for the last several years,” Feltman said, “and to be frank with you, it just got to the point where I’ve literally been (working for municipalities for) 32 years and I feel like I’m at the point in my life where with my age, if I’m ever going to try something different, now is the time.”

Feltman was hired by the village in 2014. He was initially given a seven-month contract, before receiving a three-year deal in 2015. Feltman and the village agreed to a three-year contract extension in 2018.

Feltman served as Bath Township supervisor from July 2007 to September 2013, and was the St. Clair County administrator for more than five years prior to that. Feltman also served as the administrator for Gratiot County for more than two years.

Feltman, who has more than 30 years of municipal experience overall, has also held administrative positions in Ithaca, Grant, Newaygo and Grandville.

During his six years with the village, Feltman said one the things he’s most proud of is the organizational culture that’s been created.

“The team that we’ve put in place is just fantastic,” Feltman said. “They’re highly motivated, very dedicated and very achievement-oriented individuals and I’m very proud of perhaps creating the environment for those people to blossom.

“I think we’ve changed the way the village invests in infrastructure and moved from a reactionary mindset to a proactive mindset,” Feltman continued. “We’re doing a lot more asset management, very strategic investment, looking at not only ‘How can we solve this issue? But, if we invest in it in a different manner, can we solve multiple issues?’ We just operate differently and I think that, to me, is the lasting legacy that somebody can carry on and move forward.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Feltman said he’s already had conversations with his prospective employer and would be willing to assist the village as a contracted employee if the administrator position is not backfilled prior to his Sept. 11 departure. Council members unanimously supported the idea, and motioned that Feltman prepare a contract for his services in the coming weeks.

Council members also requested that Feltman assist the village in hiring his replacement. He said he plans to draft language to advertise the position in the coming days, and will likely form two separate committees — one comprised of council members and one of village employees — to screen the candidates, with each recommending a handful of candidates for council to interview.

As Feltman embarks on his final six weeks as village administrator, he says the feeling is bittersweet.

“I truly have enjoyed the community,” Feltman said. ” It’s been a challenge (here) and I love a challenge, and we’ve accomplished some great things. I think we’ve got a great foundation for the next group to come in and work from.”

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