Senior sisters

Chesaning senior twins Julia Bishop, left, and Jordyn Bishop, right, have played varsity basketball, volleyball and softball together and each are 4.0 students in the classroom.

CHESANING — Fraternal twins Julia Bishop and Jordyn Bishop seemingly do everything together — both are three-sport athletes — and even studying together.

The seniors have had a lot of success over the years — each is a 4.0 student at Chesaning High School, They helped Chesaning’s softball team win a league title and district crown last spring, and both are solid members of Chesaning’s basketball team, which went 12-8 last year and is 5-1 this winter.

Julia is a left-hander whose favorite sport is softball. She’ll be playing catcher for Mott Community College after she graduates from high school.

Jordyn is a right-hander whose favorite sport is basketball; she is planning to attend Saginaw Valley State University.

Both are competitive by nature, but both admit, for the most part, they are the best of friends and try to use their differences and similarities to the benefit of the team they are on — no matter the sport.

“At times, we’re definitely fierce competitors,” Julia said. “We used to play tennis against each other and that got really heated. And one thing about being a twin — I’ve played so much basketball with her — I’ve played AAU and I’ve played school sports with her throughout our whole life — and we know what the other is doing.”

Jordyn said there are noticeable differences on the court.

“I think we’re different because I play more of a guard and she plays more of a post player,” said Jordyn. “She’s more of the tough player — she takes the hits down low. She’s left-handed and I’m right-handed … We always joke in our family that she always shows no emotion on the court and just by talking to her we can never tell what she’s feeling. And my family say that I show my emotions on my face. We’re definitely different that way.”

But there is a special chemistry between the twins in sports, said Jordyn.

“We’ve played for so many years together that we know what each will do out there,” Jordyn said. “Whenever I’m cutting, I know she’ll see me out there on the court. Whenever she’s cutting, I usually see her.”

Added Julia, “If I pass to her, she’s going to jump to the ball and always get it. I know if I have the ball on the wing, I know she’s going to be cutting backdoor … I’ll be dribbling down the left side and she’ll be cutting down the right side.”

Chesaning basketball coach Ryan Ferry said he’s just glad to have the twins on his side.

“They’re both great kids,” Ferry said. “And even though they’re twins, they’re different personalities. I tend to think Julia is a more aggressive one. She’s a bruiser. Jordyn’s more the laid back, quiet one. I say quiet, Julia is quiet also. Both are great students, great athletes. They complement each other and they’ve been playing ball together forever.”

In softball, both were named to the Mid-Michigan Activities Conference second team last spring. While Julia played catcher, Jordyn played third base.

“I think that sport is my best,” Julia said. “I’m pretty sure hers is basketball.”

Once, the two twins were going for the same fly ball and the results were interesting.

“I was playing third base and she was catching, and there was a foul ball and it went right between us,” Jordyn said. “We both called for it and we just collided. I caught the ball at the end but we both ended up on the ground.”

Julia brought up the same story as a moment she’ll always remember.

“We both went for a foul ball but ran into each other — but she caught it, that’s all that matters,” Julia said.

Both are looking forward to college despite apparently choosing different paths.

“I got accepted to (Saginaw Valley State University) and so right now I’m planning on going there,” Jordyn said. “But I’m also looking at Baker and maybe (Grand Valley State University). I know I want to go into the medical field, but I’m not sure where yet.”

Julia’s headed to Flint.

“I’m going to Mott for two years and then I’ll transfer,” Julia said. “I’ll get my associate’s degree in science at Mott for engineering. I want to go into civil or structural engineering.”

Julia said that both are committed to their studies above all else.

“I know we’re both, like really dedicated to our grades and to our sports,” Julia said. “I’d say she’s like more hard-headed at times and I kind of give in more to what she wants. She’s kind of more of the boss.”

“We definitely noticed when we start spending too much time together that we get a little sick of each other,” Jordyn said. “But most of the time it’s good.”

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