Crashing semitruck wrecks parked vehicles

It took four hours to clean up after a collision between a semi-truck and a vehicle at the corner of M-21 and Shiawassee Street in Corunna Tuesday morning ended up with the truck crashing into used cars at the Slingerland car dealership.

CORUNNA — A semitruck that collided with a vehicle early Tuesday morning ended up jacknifing into the Slingerland Used Lot on M-21, crashing into several vehicles.

It took Corunna police and emergency personnel four hours to clean up what Corunna Police Chief Nick Chiros called “a mess,” created when a vehicle driving on Shiawassee Street (State Road) crashed into the tanker truck, which was heading east on M-21.

After the initial collision, the semitruck whipped into the Slingerland lot, colliding with nine used vehicles, he said.

Chiros said the female driver of the vehicle ran a red light, causing the collision. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, he said.

An investigation is underway. As of this morning, no tickets had been issued against either driver, he said.

The Corunna chief said Slingerland carries insurance that should cover the damaged vehicles, some of which appeared to be totaled. He said Slingerland wreckers hauled the damaged cars to the Slingerland Auto Group’s main location farther east on M-21.

The Corunna-Caledonia Fire Department assisted at the scene, along the Sheriff’s Office that assisted with traffic, Chiros said.

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So how about a FOLLOW UP. If the woman driving did in fact run a red light, WHO is she and WHAT kind of citation is she receiving? Come on Argus-Press at least attempt to act like a REAL news-outlet.

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