Owosso woman sentenced to jail term for meth possession


CORUNNA — An Owosso woman was sentenced to 6 months in the Shiawassee County Jail for possession of methamphetamine Thursday morning via video by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart.

Courtney DeSantis, 31, was sentenced to the jail term, two years probation, and credited with 110 days served. She will be enrolled in an inpatient treatment center as soon as an opening becomes available. DeSantis was also ordered to pay court costs and fines.

DeSantis was given a drug screen Thursday morning, and tested positive for meth and marijuana.

“Before we began this hearing, I asked you to submit to a drug test,” Stewart told DeSantis. “I’m sure you’re aware that while you’re on bond in this court, one of the things you’re not supposed to do (is drugs). Correct? And you did take a drug test? It wasn’t good, was it? You were using meth and smoking marijuana while you were on bond? What else were you doing? Are you under the influence of those drugs right now?”

DeSantis was arrested Dec. 10, 2019, by Owosso police and charged Jan. 14 with felony meth possession. She reached a plea agreement with prosecutors May 20 that reduced the charge to an attempted possession.

DeSantis served 110 days before being released on bond, but court records do not indicate what type of bond or amount.

She asked Stewart for help with addiction in a short statement, and said that drugs had been too accessible and easy for her to obtain.

Prosecutor Scott Koerner said he believed DeSantis was sincere in her request for treatment.

“This office is willing to give people a chance,” Koerner said, issuing a request that substance abuse treatment be part of any sentence DeSantis received.

Public Defender’s Office head Doug Corwin said his client had been doing well before her arrest, and believed she would be successful in treatment and on probation.

“You know, that’s not the first time I’ve heard today about the ready accessibility of meth,” Stewart said. “One fellow said he walked out of his front door and there it was.

“I think you need help and to be safe,” Stewart continued. “I hope you take advantage of the resources that are going to be provided to you. There are some excellent resources and you’re going to meet some people that specialize in substance abuse and use disorders. Please listen and try your best.”

DeSantis had no prior criminal record, except for three minor traffic-related citations.

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