Woman who ran ‘party house’ jailed on drug charges

Jessica Brown, shown on video monitor, listens during a hearing Wednesday. Defense attorney Amy Husted stands at left.

CORUNNA — An Owosso woman was sentenced Wednesday to nine months in jail and two years of probation by 66th District Court Judge Ward Clarkson for possession of methamphetamine and running a “party house.”

Jessica Brown, 24, was ordered to pay court costs and fines, and was credited with 246 days served.

Brown was originally scheduled to be sentenced before 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart, but Stewart asked for an investigation into the 278 grams of suspected meth found in Brown’s safe. A .22-caliber handgun was also found at her residence.

“It turns out those were in fact bath salts,” defense attorney Amy Husted said. “In talking with Ms. Brown about it, the reason the amount was so high is that a number of people, 10 people, had gone in together to buy what they thought would be meth to keep at her house, because her house was the party house.”

Husted also requested a “7411” sentence, but Clarkson denied the request. A “7411” sentence expunges felony convictions from a defendant’s record upon the successful completion of probation.

Stewart recused himself from the case due to a prior family-related case of Brown’s that he oversaw.

Shiawassee County Assistant Prosecutor Chris Brown noted that Jessica Brown’s name has also surfaced in numerous other local drug investigations.

“She did have a lot of people running through her house with meth, putting poison in the community,” Chris Brown said. “I think the court realizes what a problem meth is in Shiawassee County. And she contributed to it.”

Jessica Brown apologized for the “havoc” she caused in a short statement before receiving her sentence.

“These are serious charges,” Clarkson said. “This was party central, and the assistant prosecutor is correct that your name showed up on a lot of police reports and things going on. The police knew your house.”

Brown was charged in August 2020 with two counts of meth possession, and apparently bonded out of jail. She was then charged in September 2020 with possession of meth, two counts of felony firearms, and maintaining a drug house, and has been lodged at the jail since that time.

At a hearing Feb. 22, Brown agreed to plead guilty to two counts of meth possession. In return for her plea, the balance of charges were dismissed by prosecutors.

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