CORUNNA — Steven Sherburne, 42, formerly of Owosso, appeared Friday in 35th Circuit Court to be resentenced in connection with a 2014 conviction on CSC charges.

In 2014, Stewart sentenced Sherburne to at least 41 years in prison on the criminal sexual conduct charges, which involved 4- and 5-year-old victims.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ordered earlier this year that Judge Matthew Stewart either impose a lesser sentence or “articulate” the reasons for reasons for the “upward departure” from sentencing guidelines for Sherburne’s 2014 conviction.

Stewart declined to reduce the sentence Sherburne received and detailed at length the nature and severity of Sherburne’s crimes in justifying the lengthy term.

“The record should reflect that the defendant pleaded guilty,” Stewart said. “The court of appeals affirmed that sentence which dealt with the defendant’s victimization of the 5-year-old. This case deals with the penetration of 4-year-old (victim). The defendant pleaded guilty to CSC-2. This court declines to (re-sentence).”

Stewart explained his extensive review of sentencing guidelines and reaffirmed the original sentence of at least 41 years in prison.

Sherburne, who suffers from leukemia, addressed the court.

“I see a counselor every month,” Sherburne said, “I’m falling apart. I don’t know what else to say. I made a mistake. I’m not the greatest role model for people. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the last two years. I’ve been to the University of Michigan hospital, they’re discussing surgery. I’ve been taking mental health drugs since I was 11.”

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I don’t care about your issues. You don’t touch children that way. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a choice, a decision you made. Go back to cell and think about what you put those children and their families through. I hope you die a miserable death.

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