Daniel Brayshaw

Daniel Brayshaw, center, is seen during his sentencing hearing Friday in 35th Circuit Corut in Corunna.

CORUNNA — An Owosso man was sentenced to at least 2 1/2 years in prison Friday by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart for his role in a string of felony break-ins in Shiawassee County.

Daniel Brayshaw, 34, was sentenced to 28 to 90 months in prison on two counts of attempted breaking and entering of a building with intent (habitual offender-second notice), and 30 to 90 months on one count of attempted home invasion-2nd degree (habitual offender- second notice).

Stewart also ordered Brayshaw to pay court costs and fines on all three charges. Brayshaw was credited with 163 days served on the first attempted breaking and entering count, 134 days on the second attempted breaking and entering count, and 165 days credited on the attempted home invasion count. Brayshaw’s sentences will run concurrently.

Brayshaw was originally charged with four counts of breaking and entering a building with intent, one count of home invasion second degree and one count of breaking and entering, all felonies.

He was charged in April after numerous locations were broken into, including a storage shed on West Juddville Road in Rush Twp. and the Juddville Church. Brayshaw and two other individuals, James Hebeler and a minor teenage male (Brayshaw’s son), were arrested following an investigation by the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office. The trio were charged for stealing a dirt bike, snowmobiles, clothing, batteries and power tools, amongst other items.

Hebeler has already pleaded guilty to the charges he faces, and his sentencing is scheduled for 3:45 p.m. Monday in circuit court, according to court records.

Records are unavailable for the teenage male who was charged since he is still a minor.

Brayshaw was arraigned in 66th District Court on three separate dates in February and March for the various charges.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and has been lodged at the jail while awaiting disposition of the cases.

He agreed to plead guilty to reduced charges at a hearing July 1.

As part of the plea agreement with prosecutors, all counts were reduced to “attempt” charges in return for his plea, and Brayshaw will be required to “provide truthful testimony” against Hebeler and the minor male (Brayshaw’s son).

At Friday’s hearing Brayshaw’s attorney Justin English asked the court to stay within sentencing guidelines.

“On all these offenses, there’s a pattern, and the pattern is that when Mr. Brayshaw needs money for his family, he goes and steals,” English said. “It doesn’t justify it, it doesn’t legitimize it. He knows it’s wrong. He needs to find an alternative means of providing for his family. He knows that.”

Prosecutor Deana Finnegan asked the court to impose a prison sentence due to the fact Brayshaw “roped in” younger individuals as part of his crimes.

“Mr. Brayshaw and his cohorts picked on the same victim. They broke into the old Juddville Church and stole property out of there. He roped in his own son, a juvenile, and another young man out of Ovid to help with this and set them up for a life of crime.

“He’s going to make out on this, support his family by stealing but still involving these young people.”

Brayshaw offered a short apology to the court and his family before receiving his sentence.

“I’m sorry for my actions. I was in a hard place,” Brayshaw said. “It was something I shouldn’t have done. It was wrong and I take responsibility for it.”

“I believe you,” Stewart answered. “The record should reflect that you received consideration in terms of a plea deal when you agreed to testify against co-defendants as they come to light.

“You still have an obligation to do that. It’s too bad your family had to rely on you to break into abandoned churches and I’m sorry for the circumstances that they are in now.”

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