Shiawassee County Road Commission

CORUNNA —Every employee of the Shiawassee County Road Commission is set to see a bigger paycheck in the coming days as a result of new employment contracts that took effect June 30.

Everyone from the managing director to equipment operators will receive a pay raise.

Most of the maintenance workers and laborers are represented by the Local 1071 chapter of AFSCME, AFL-CIO.

The remaining agreements were signed between the Shiawassee County Road Commission and the SCRC Supervisory Employees Association and between the SCRC and the individual non-union members who received new contracts: the superintendent of operations, director of finance, state trunkline foreman, engineers assistant and the managing director.

“Everyone in the road commission saw an increase in wages,” managing director Brent Freiss said. “The board went off the survey we had done and they tried to bring everybody a little above the middle in terms of other comparable counties.”

The Road Commission’s staff survey looked at 17 different road commissions in the area and across the state and compared how much money workers at different commissions are making.

According to Freiss, after conducting the survey, the Shiawassee County Road Commission found that it had one of the lowest-paid staffs in the state compared to other commissions of similar size.

“The board felt we are an above average road commission, so we wanted to be one spot above the middle of the pack,” Freiss said.

The SCRC selected the 17 other commissions to compare to for specific reasons. The first group of commissions included the seven-county council Shiawassee is a part of that include Montcalm, Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ionia and Livingston counties.

Fries said he wanted to expand beyond just those seven to get more data. He said he looked at other counties that receive similar Motor Transportation Fund payment amounts from the state.

MFT dollars are distributed by the state to local municipalities to help cover the costs of road maintenance.

The county is expected to receive about $8.7 million worth of MFT payments for fiscal year 2019-20.

“It really isn’t right to compare us to Oakland County because they get more MFT in one month then we get all year.

Among employees, Friess saw the largest salary increase. His hourly rate increased $4.81, from $43.10 an hour to $47.91 (about $99,500 annually).

The next two positions that saw the largest increase in hourly wage were the director of finance and the superintendent, who saw their hourly wages rise from $36.54 to $38.94 and $35.50 to $37.21, respectively.

The rest of the commission saw the following hourly wage increases:

n Engineering tech (1): $24.13 to $25.77

n Engineering assistant (1): $32.21 to $32.88

n Road foreman (1): $31.07 to $31.23

n Garage forman (1): $31.57 to $31.73

n Payroll clerk.reception (1): $21.97 to $22.13

n Office manager (1): $23.36 to $23.52

n Mechanic (1): $24.43 to $24.59

n Grader (1): $22.41 to $22.61

n Heavy equipment operator (1): $22.93 to $23.09

n Equipment operator (10): $21.79 to $22.57

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