City of Corunna

CORUNNA — Contractors from M.J. VanDamme Inc. are discontinuing work at the Corunna Dam site, according to City Manager Joe Sawyer, as rising water levels have forced crews to postpone the remaining river restoration work until spring.

The departure comes less than a month after crews returned from a two-week holiday break to continue reconstructing the western river bank and moving the river channel about 20 feet to the east.

Sawyer said representatives from M.J. VanDamme Inc. plan to return to the site in April.

“They said they’re a matter of just a few more weeks in the water yet,” Sawyer said Wednesday. “The vast majority of the in-stream work is done at this point. They still have to build the J-hook, a structure just before the turn in the river that will help direct the water.”

Work on the $1.2-million dam removal and river restoration project began in mid-August 2019, as heavy equipment operators removed a section of the dam to allow the river current to flow unimpeded.

Upon completion of the river restoration work, crews will move on to constructing the recreational elements of the project, including a carry-down watercraft launch, fishing pier, boardwalk, viewing platform and what will be the first handicap-accessible canoe/kayak launch in Shiawassee County.

Crews estimate the project will complete by the end of June, according to Sawyer.

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The clearing of the trees and brush on Shiawassee Street was nice. Wondering if the solid steel guardrail might be able to be replaced with the "wire type" guard system MDOT started using on some of the interstate medians a few years ago, making the river even more visible.

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