Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office

The following property crimes were reported by various agencies in the Shiawassee County area for the period Dec. 1 to 15. Key: B&E — Breaking & Entering; UDAA — Unauthorized Driving Away Auto; MDOP — Malicious Destruction of Property; LFA — Larceny From Automobiles; DWLS — Driving While License Suspend; and UTL — Unable to Locate. Information is provided by the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office (which compiles data from other areas).

Bennington, Perry, Sciota, Woodhull

12 6: 3000 block of West Tyrell Road. UDAA, Civil Matter

12 13: 13,000 block of South Shaftsburg Road. MDOP, Mailbox, No suspect

Antrim, Burns, Shiawassee, Vernon

12 13: 10,000 block of South Byron Road. Larceny, Jewelry, two suspects

Fairfield, Middlebury, Owosso, Rush

12 3: 100 block of West Keifer St. Larceny, Civil Matter

Caledonia, Hazelton, New Haven, Venice

12 3: 1000 block of East M21 Hwy. UDAA, Vehicle Located, No suspect

12 9: 8000 block of East Valley Ln. MDOP, Mailbox, No suspect

Dispatched Property Crime

Reports For Police Agencies

In Shiawassee County:

Bancroft Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

Byron Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

Corunna Police Department

1 B&E

Durand Police Department

1 Larceny, 2 LFA, 1 MDOP

Laingsburg Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

Lennon Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

Morrice Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

New Lothrop Police Department

No Property Crimes to Report

Owosso Police Department

6 Larceny, 4 MDOP, 2 UDAA

Perry Police Department


Michigan State Police Post 35

3 B&E, 1 Larceny, 2 MDOP

Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office

2 Larceny, 2, MDOP, 2 UDAA

Vernon Police Department


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