CORUNNA — The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners’ meetings currently are not being live-streamed, but officials hope to reinstate video in the near future.

According to Casey Wilder, the executive assistant to the Shiawassee County Clerk, the county was using a streaming service called Wirecast that would record and post the meeting videos to Youtube on a free trial basis.

After updating the software on a computer used for the live-streaming in December, the free trial was lost, Wilder said.

The topic arose during the board’s economic and physical development, and finance and administation committee meetings Monday.

The board meetings were posted on Youtube in full without interruption until Dec. 12. That video, currently available on Youtube, displays a Wirecast watermark on the screen about every 15 seconds with a voice saying “this is a demonstration of Wirecast” that disrupts audio.

Speaking during Monday’s committee meeting, Commissioner Jeremy Root, R-District 5, said county officials are looking at other software and are considering whether or not to resume live-streaming meetings.

He said he and other commissioners will discuss the issue before making a decision.

“People attack us for how we look, how we dress and how we talk,” he claimed. “That’s what that camera has done for all of us, it has raised everyone’s stress levels. I’ve been attacked on there for nothing that has to do with my job as a commissioner. So there is a little bit of a problem and it’s not the average, everyday taxpayer that cares about what’s going on here that’s watching that and doing that.

“I’m just disappointed it wasn’t recording to hear that,” he said.

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Mother Hen

Hey, Argus--what about the part where the other commissioners were surprised to learn that Mr. Root had decided this w/o discussion or input from any of them? That is important.

from Friends and Community Shiawassee

When I brought up the fact to The Board of Commissioners that today's Meeting of the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners was not being Broadcast or Recorded the Members of the Board said they had no idea. Michael Herendeen, County Coordinator, then stated that he was told by Chairman Jerremy Root not to pay the license fee, $45.00, and to stop recording and broadcasting the meetings.

When other Board Members looked over at Chairman Root, Root stated that he accepted the blame of shutting the broadcast down without asking because he was tired of people watching him conducting the meetings and then criticizing his look, his clothes and how he did his job.

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