Judge sends meth dealer to prison

Trevis Dallas, left, is seen during his sentencing hearing Friday morning in 35th Circuit Court in Corunna.

CORUNNA — A Durand man was sentenced to prison Friday in 35th Circuit Court by Judge Matthew Stewart on three methamphetamine-related felony charges.

Trevis Dallas, 33, was sentenced to two years, 10 months to 20 years in prison for maintaining a drug house and meth possession, and credited with 123 days served toward his sentence.

On an additional meth possession charge, he received a two- to four-year sentence that will run concurrently.

“This court will go out of its way to help drug addicts that really want the help and demonstrate they’re ready to put the work in,” Stewart said Friday. “What it won’t do is help a drug dealer who is dealing meth from a house where a six-year-old girl is found.

“Not only are you poisoning the people in the community with the drugs you’re selling, you’re condemning this girl to the same life you had. And there’s no excuse for that, no forgiveness for that. What kind of chance does this kid have? Not a good one,” he said.

Dallas was arrested following an investigation by the Mid-Michigan Area Group Narcotics Enforcement Team (MAGNET) in June. Another individual police said was a meth dealer was observed buying a “significant amount” of meth from Dallas’ residence.

MAGNET obtained a search warrant and raided Dallas’ residence, where officers found meth, scales, ammunition and body armor, as well as a 6-year-old girl who was living in the house.

At his arraignment in 66th District Court June 13 before Judge Ward Clarkson, Dallas pleaded not guilty. Court records do not indicate the amount bond was set at, but he has been lodged in the jail while awaiting disposition of the charges.

Dallas pleaded guilty to the charges at a hearing Aug. 12. Under the terms of the plea agreement, all counts were charged as second offense status.

Firday, defense attorney Patrick Allen said Dallas’ substance abuse issues began with alcohol, and asked the court to stay within sentencing guidelines and include inpatient treatment as part of any sentence.

“It gives my client a chance at something he’s frankly never had, and that’s a chance to treat his addiction,” Allen said. “He’s struggling and I would ask the court for some help in that regard.”

Assistant prosecutor Adam Masserang asked the court to impose a prison term.

“MAGNET followed a dealer back to Mr. Dallas’ house,” Masserang told Stewart. “Mr. Dallas had just sold a distribution amount to this other dealer. I think that Mr. Dallas is dangerous and pumping poison into our community. If he had more notice police were coming, that may have turned into a very unfortunate situation.”

Dallas asked for help with his substance abuse problems before Stewart passed sentence.

“A couple of months ago, I couldn’t tell you I was an addict,” Dallas said. “Now I can tell you I’m an addict. With that being said, I’d just ask for a second chance.”

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