Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office

CORUNNA — Monday, Sheriff’s Office staff discovered several leaks caused by weekend rain storms — one of which damaged evidence kept in storage, the department said in a press release.

According to a statement issued Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Office found five leaks in various areas of the building, including the jail, locker room and evidence room.

“Upon inspection of the evidence room, it was determined that a small area of archived evidence was affected,” the statement said. “No evidence was destroyed and protective measures have been taken to prevent further damage.”

According to the statement, the Sheriff’s Office has been in contact with the Prosecutor’s Office and Prosecutor Deanna Finnegan agreed no critical evidence was destroyed and no cases were compromised.

The Sheriff’’s Office has contacted the Building and Grounds Department to make repairs in areas of the roof that are leaking.

Water leaks and other issues were part of the county’s rationale for seeking funding from voters for a new jail.

A bond election that would have funded construction of a new $37-million jail failed earlier this year by a nearly 3-to-1 ratio.

The $37-million proposal was for the construction of a new jail for the county to replace the existing facility, built in 1963. The current jail has many issues with plumbing, roof, electrical system, heating and cooling systems and ventilation.

The jail was originally designed with a capacity for 47 inmates, and has been upgraded several times since its construction and now has a capacity for 132 inmates, and is 25,000 square feet. A study completed in 2018 found the jail is essentially obsolete and could be subject to closure by court order unless improvements are made or it is replaced.

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Mother Hen

When a roof leaks it can be repaired or replaced. An entire building isn't needed to fix a leaky roof. Just saying...


My thought, exactly............the County physical plant director should’ve been interviewed instead of Begole. It seems that the Sheriff wants the building to leak so he can try to sell us his new empire deal.

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