Corunna official: Group violated state order, reminder issued

CORUNNA — City Manager Joe Sawyer said Saturday that police had to break up a gathering of people in McCurdy Park who were violating orders against congregating in groups.

“I personally witnessed a large number of cars in the park,” Sawyer said. “Whatever was going on had already been broken up by the Corunna police and Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office.”

Sawyer said a group of people apparently had gathered to take part in batting practice.

“Supposedly, the original group was to be under 10 people, but others ‘got wind’ of it and several times that number of people showed up,” Sawyer said. “They thought they would be OK if they maintained social distancing and groups under 10.

“It’s somewhat easy to understand why members of the public are sometimes confused about what is allowed, and what is not,” he added. “The state of Michigan has made it clear that engaging in outdoor activity is allowed, but there can be no gatherings of any number, other than persons who are part of a single household.”

Sawyer said the decision to open or close public parks is a local one. The city wants to allow use of the park for outdoor activity.

“It would be a shame if we were forced to close the parks because of violations,” he said. “To be clear, park users must remain at least 6 feet away from people from outside the individual’s household, and may not gather with anyone outside of their household.”

He also noted people should use only their own equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces. The same rules apply on the disc golf course.

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