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CORUNNA — A Corunna man was sentenced to prison Wednesday morning by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart for numerous violations of felony probation.

Caleb Edward Woodworth, 38, will spend a minimum of 11/2 to six years in prison for violating probation by testing positive for methamphetamine and opiates, refusing a parole officer entry into his residence, and having contact with a known felon.

He was credited with 378 days served toward his sentence.

“You don’t get a re-do in life,” Stewart told Woodworth after announcing sentence. “You get one chance, that’s it. I know you’re a smart guy and ambitious. The sentence you just received is not a life sentence. Please, try to get some help and try to get ahold of your addiction.”

Woodworth was on felony probation for a 2019 possession of narcotics conviction.

A one-year jail term was held in abeyance when he was sentenced, and Woodworth served some up-front jail time for that conviction, as well as a boot camp-style program.

He violated his probation in October 2019, and was lodged in the Shiawassee County Jail. In June, Woodworth’s mother passed away, and he was granted a furlough from jail to attend her funeral.

“I thought that was the right thing to do,” Stewart said. “And then you didn’t even go to your mother’s funeral. You absconded and you did drugs.”

Wednesday, Woodworth’s attorney Matt McKone asked Stewart to allow his client to continue his probation, since he provides care for his father.

Prosecutor Scott Koerner, however, asked the court to impose a prison term, telling Stewart his office and the court had “bent over backward” to assist Woodworth, and he is out of chances.

Woodworth asked Stewart to continue his probation, and apologized to the court.

“No excuses on my part,” Woodworth said. “I don’t have a violent past. I haven’t been in trouble since 2005. I’m more than willing to dedicate myself to an inpatient program.”

“There’s no fourth door,” Stewart replied. “It’s treatment, jail, or the Michigan Department of Corrections. I wish there was a fourth door. I really wish there was. But if I can’t get you to help yourself, I can’t help you… I’m sorry for your mother and your father, but you by your own actions or inactions, tied the court’s hands.”

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