Michigan State Police

MORRICE — Reports Monday afternoon that a man had escaped from being chained in a basement, was able to break free, and was running away from his alleged captor turned out not to be completely accurate.

According to Michigan State Police Lt. Dave Kaiser, a man was — in fact ‚ running away from being chained up in a basement, but it was the result of a consensual sexual encounter with another man.

“…One was chained up in basement,” Kaiser said. “There was some role playing, and BDSM-type stuff going on. (The man) was released from the chains when the act was over. The two men then went upstairs, were laying in bed, and the man who was chained up got a little freaked out and fled the residence.”

Kaiser said the other man gave chase.

“He wasn’t trying to get away from the other guy,” Kaiser said. “He wasn’t completely naked; he was wearing a $300 leather cape, and that’s the reason the other man was chasing him.”

Michigan State Police units responded to the call, but due to the nature of the incident, no criminal charges were filed, and both men were released.

“The guy that was chasing the other one just wanted his leather cape back,” Kaiser said.

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Mother Hen

Keepin' it classy, Shiawassee County! LOL



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