Murder suspect sent to state psychiatric facility


CORUNNA — Mark Latunski, who is accused of killing Kevin Bacon, of Swartz Creek, was transported to the Michigan Center for Forensic Psychiatry facility in Saline this week.

Latunski, who was found incompetent to stand trial in the December 2019 homicide, was ordered held at the psychiatric facility until he undergoes treatment and can be determined to be competent to take part in a trial on the open murder charge.

If Latunski is not found competent within one year, three months, the case will become a civil matter and a probate court would make any further determination as far as incarceration in a mental hospital or prison.

Shiawassee County Public Defender’s Office head Doug Corwin confirmed Monday afternoon that Latunski’s transfer to the psychiatric center was delayed due to COVID-19 concerns, and Latunski left the Shiawassee County Jail either over the weekend or Monday morning.

No announcement of Monday’s move was made due to security concerns and the media attention surrounding the case, officials said.

Latunski, 51, is accused of killing and partially consuming the remains of Bacon, 25, in December.

Michigan State Police, acting on a request for assistance from Genesee County’s Clayton Township Police Department, found Bacon’s body in Latunski’s 703 W. Tyrrell Road residence Dec. 28. Latunski was arraigned Dec. 30, 2019, on the felony counts of open murder and mutilation of a human body.

Prior to Bacon’s murder, two other individuals fled from Latunski’s basement, and police were called both times. Neither of the two men pressed charges and told police the encounters were consensual. One of the men, however, has filed a federal civil lawsuit against Latunski.

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